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You told me you don't want kids. You say it isn't your thing.
I was starting to play with the possibility of you for a long time.
For a long time in the future.
I can't not have kids. And you're the guy of my daydreams.
This sucks.

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I don't think I'm getting better.

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If I ever meet you again, I swear.. i'll never let you go. Because even after 5 years, you are still in my mind and I still dream about you, even though i'm trying to move on. I never believed in true love, until the day I met you.

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The one I love and my husband are not the same person. Oh, how I miss him so.

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I love you not just because you were the one to take away my virginity...I hope.

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I'm happily engaged. I am deeply in love with my fiance. And yet I am attracted to you. If things had worked out differently, perhaps we would be together.

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I have lost 2 family members to suicide, one to cancer. I need someone to talk to..I feel so alone

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he's all heeby jeeby about a stupid ill timed text message that means nothing. there's something else entirely that he should be worried about. and i don't even think i feel remorseful about that one.

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I get defensive when I feel personally OFFENDED!

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i cut myself...i pretend to feel bad about it when people get on my case about it...but honestly, i like it...it makes me feel good

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