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I feel like I was created to be a heroin addict.

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I regret hooking you up with your boyfriend.
You completely forgot about our friendship.

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i don't think i'm in love with you anymore

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I hit him today.

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One day, we'll get to sleep next to each other the whole night.
One day.

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I said "yes" because you made me happy. Not long after that, you started to feel like nothing but a weight on my chest. I need to breathe and all you're doing is pushing down on my ribs harder and harder. I don't think I can or want to be with you anymore.

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I wanted to see you today, but you had plans. I understand, but just so you know - my trust in you has began to dwindle.

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Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out if someone is kidding or if they're serious...the hell?

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I think my girlfriend is disgusting.

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Nothing has occurred to make this feeling of wanting to die rational.

And so, irrationally, I feel like I want to die.

It's probably temporary, but that doesn't make the fact that I feel like it right now any less real.

Wonder how long this will last.

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