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Ive loved her for all eight years and we finally meet and I do love her.

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Beating the elite four on pokemon is more important to me than going online to talk to you.

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Stop blaming me for your problems. Just because I get better grades than you and have more class hours doesn't mean that you should think I'm a lazy bum just because I have no time to work. At least I'm doing work of some sort.

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You're rad, you're awesome, you're amazingly funny. My friends suggest I'm in love you. I swear I don't. I hope I don't. I can't. It would mess everything solid up.

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I wish I could just pick up and leave. Pack all of my belongings and disappear. Not that it would matter much. You don't talk to me anymore anyway. I miss you so much. Do you miss me? Or is she masking your feelings for anyone but yourself?

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I think he gave me a STD.

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My day crushed when my mom had left me for heaven ... she is only one person who used to understand me .. Not even my dad !!! Sometime , i feel like life is all about mystery ... what iu deserve u dont get .. wht u dnt deserve .. u always get...

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I've cheated in my last three relationships. I've been in my current one for almost six months, cheat-free. I probably won't make it.

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I'm almost 18!
Why can't they take me more seriously?
I'm not as dumb as they make me out to be.

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He is the MEANEST man I have ever met! Been hurt before but NEVER like this!

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