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i love you more than any other girlfriend ive ever had, let's keep each other.

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It's okay, you've been replaced by the girl I actually wanted to kiss. :)

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i don't think i'm in love with you anymore

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You're more than worthless to me, anymore.

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My girlfriend proposed to me on Sunday. I cheated on her the following night. I feel like shit and I don`t want to tell her.

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My family would kill me if they knew. Her family would kill her if they knew. But it doesn't matter. We loved each other. We still do.

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He proposed. I'm engaged. I wish more than anything that I could have called you up and told you. I miss you so much.

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i hate what i turned you into.

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I am so confused right now. Guys and girls from every direction are all of the sudden hitting on me. I feel flattered, I really like the feeling but it's so confusing. This has never happened before.

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Your assumed current interest looks just like me and is just as weird and outdoorsy. You wanted me back once. Do you still feel the same way? Cause, frankly, I'm hoping that's the case, "love."

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