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I told myself I was over him. But I'm not. And my dreams don't think I'm over him, either.

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I'm so afraid that you won't call me on your own. I'm trying to accept what's going on but I love you so much and I'm so afraid.

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Ideally: I want him to want me back so I can say no.
... So he can prove to me that he loves me.

But that'll never happens, so I just have to get over this

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Whining isn't gonna solve anything. Still, I really want to get this junk over with. I'm a pretty cool guy, there's bound to be a girl out there that would fall in love with me. I just have to be patient, and not get too anxious.

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I'm a lesbian, so why cant I stop thinking about you??

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i love you more than any other girlfriend ive ever had, let's keep each other.

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You piss me off all the time, I'm just too scared I'll lose you if you knew.

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I'm scared of going back to school

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Sometimes I get pretty close to believing that there really is some kinda power out there... and it's all because of you.

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I can't deal anymore. I just can't! I am out of coping. I lost everything that ever meant anything to me. I can't fucking breathe. I just want to cry forever and disappear! Why can't that just happen?

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