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I cut my hair boy-short, not because I like how it looks (I don't), but because I think I can use it to excuse my ugliness.

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When I become the person I want to be, I will declare to him in public that I am in love with him.

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I'm so HAPPY!!! I'm seeing him on saturday, and I'm feeling just peachy about it <3

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Today... I liked you again.
And I think he knew. Or something.

It makes me feel sick.

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I feel so empty.
It's like I can't do anything to change it.
I've said sorry, but I know I don't mean it.
I wish I did.
I don't think I can keep at this anymore, it's time to end it all.

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I dumped her. It's a load off my shoulders, sure, but my heart is feeling the painful repercussions...

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my friend is so annoying, she always thinks shes right and never wrong!

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I can't stand girls. This is why I'll never be a lesbian.

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i will love her with all my heart but she will never love me back.

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He told me we needed to be separate for awhile, while he sorts out his life. Oddly enough, I know I'll wait as long as he needs. I think I love him.

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