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Remember me next time!

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My day crushed when my mom had left me for heaven ... she is only one person who used to understand me .. Not even my dad !!! Sometime , i feel like life is all about mystery ... what iu deserve u dont get .. wht u dnt deserve .. u always get...

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You have a girlfriend, she dosnt like me... I know the end to this story already. Im going to miss you when we stop talking :(

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We met playing video games, we got close, you're like a brother to me now. Im glad we met just once face to face.

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How can you still be indecisive after all these years?
I feel like you only liked me because I reminded you of the woman you thought you couldn't be with. Thanks a lot.

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I was raped almost a year ago. I tried to talk about it. Why am I to blame? :(

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I know you're in pain, but it's been 3 months. Why won't you do anything? I get annoyed. But then I feel like a dick for being annoyed. And then it happens all over again.

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Is what he did to me my fault because I was too drunk to remember my own name? Was I "asking for it" in my baggy jeans and hoodie? It's been over a year since it happened and I still havnt spoke about it to friends or family.

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I started cutting again, deeper and harder than before... I don't feel like I want to live anymore. Why did it all go wrong?

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I hate being there for you when you need me. It only works one way but I'm too nice to ignore you when you need help. I'm not allowed to be upset and ask for help.

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I don't care if you're my mother, if I hear from my sister one more time that "thing" you married has come home drunk AGAIN and decided to start shouting, swearing and being violent around her and my baby brother, I swear I WILL call social services. Stop being so selfish and take a look at what this is doing to your kids.