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Gender: Female

You left with her and who knows if you will be back. You were all that was left that made me smile and now you're gone. I am officially dead inside.

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When I become the person I want to be, I will declare to him in public that I am in love with him.

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Ideally: I want him to want me back so I can say no.
... So he can prove to me that he loves me.

But that'll never happens, so I just have to get over this

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i really want to spend time with you, but all i can think about is holding your hand again and being in your arms & i don't think you have feelings for me anymore. i just want to see you

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Time flies. Sometimes it doesn't move quickly enough.
You won't speed up, no matter what I do.
If it were up to me, I'd throw you out a window.
Then you'd fly.

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I never have a sex with someone. Is that normal? cuz in my country, that's normal

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i hate what i turned you into.

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Gender: Male

I really care about him but he couldnt care less.

Makes me feel awesome.

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Im desperatly unhappy.............

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She is insane. Oh my god. She is going to drive me mad.