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Remember me next time!

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You're more than worthless to me, anymore.

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I'm tired of hurting.

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I'm still in love with you even after everything you did. Even if no one else can forgive you, I can. I hate that you won't talk to me. I hate that you're pretending to be happy with her. All your friends told me you aren't happy. You were happy with me.

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I love you. I'm having a REALLY rough time dealing with your relationship with her. That's why I don't call anymore. When you and her are through, I'll call again. It's too much for me to see you with her. It only makes me completely depressed for two weeks, and I can't do that to myself.

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Working up the courage to tell my parents I'm a lesbian... I'm 21 and a single mum...

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You baffle me. One minute you're interested, the next I don't exist. I hate that I'm begining to fall for you. I'm just going to get hurt. Put me out of my misery before I get in too deep.

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No matter what I do it still never makes her happy. Why do I even try anymore?

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I hate myself. I'll be blunt, harsh, and straight about it. You have no idea. I think I need real help...I'm being anarexic again...I've started cutting again...I'm doing harder and harder drugs ...I admit to the substance abuse, the simple overdoses of pain killers...I admit to wanting to seduce people again...I'm a murderer in the worst way, because I would never hurt another person...I'm only killing me, and this time I don't want to cry for help...I ran out of tears, and I don't want help from THEM...THEY ARE THE PROBLEM...I'm so confused and I will never figure this out...I feel like a stupid depressed skanky heroin chic...thats the only modeling style I could do...forget what people say about my talent...I have one great talent...fucking things up for myself...at least this time I admit it............. what am I doing?????!!!

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I broke up with you because of Faith, then faith drew me back to you only for me to find out. That I killed God in you.

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I ate the shrimp when you told me it was for the wedding.