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Remember me next time!

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I felt a twinge of jealousy when I spotted picture of you and your new girlfriend on facebook. That subsided quickly when I realized that she is fugly. Extremly fugly.

Have fun kissing that. Lol.

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i am so sick of feeling guilty for every little thing...yet i don't know how to make it stop! i wish i could feel better about everything, including myself

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I shouldn't be this aware of you. Not anymore.

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i cut myself...i pretend to feel bad about it when people get on my case about it...but honestly, i like it...it makes me feel good

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HELP.. confused, angry, sad, alone.. and it's my own fault?

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I plead the fifth.

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I was young, but I know our relationship was going fantastic. And then.. You disappeared for 2 years. I don't know what trouble you got into that made you run away. But you came back. I know you loved me back then. And I know you could still love me now. Maybe I'm the biggest fool in the world. But I honestly thought you came back with the intentions to fix everything, so we could be together like we always imagined. But you've run again. This is always going to be a vicious cycle isn't it?

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It's been months since we got this close, you never have time for me anymore. The time we spend together always seems happy and amazing. You seem to feel the same way. I'm just so confused. I need to know, or let me go.

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Stop leading her on and sleeping with her if you don't love her. Even she knows that she's just a stand-in until you find someone new. Do it now, before you hurt her anymore.

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i hate my roommate. she is so controlling and rude. she makes a mess of the entire room and moves my stuff around as she pleases to the point where i cant find it. i cant wait til next semester when i can change.