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Remember me next time!

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You know that I don't like her, yet you allowed her back into your life simply by offering her a place to stay. Dude, she tried to ruin our friendship! How could you do this to me?

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I'm so lonely. I just want someone to talk to.

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Is it normal, at almost 21, to want to be 32, married and have 2 kids? I want to grow up, have a job, a husband and kids, NOW.

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I saw you with her. It tore me apart.

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One let down after another.

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How can you still be indecisive after all these years?
I feel like you only liked me because I reminded you of the woman you thought you couldn't be with. Thanks a lot.

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I know that our relationship will be ending soon.
You dont.

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I want to revoke that promise of eternity, my love.

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I just listened to the radio. 3 songs in a row sounded like a breakup, getting over it, and moving on to someone else. I really hope that isn't supposed to mean anything.

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Why does she have to lie to me about it? Yeah, sure, I hate what she's hiding, but I hate the fact that she's hiding it even worse. I'm her best friend. Best friends are supposed to tell each other everything.