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Remember me next time!

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You tell me how much you love me and how you thank god for me. How I am a big reason for your faith.

I don't think I believe. I don't think I ever really have. I can't.

I also can't tell you about any of this.

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My family would kill me if they knew. Her family would kill her if they knew. But it doesn't matter. We loved each other. We still do.

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You could have had me, and already you can't now.

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I let my fears get in the way of taking the step to what I need the most out of life, and I regret making that decision. I feel so cold, full of anxiety inside, afraid that I let the person who's tried to help me in so many ways get away.

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Wish I could stop feeling like this. Melancholy is not fun. I need to stop thinking about you but the littlest things keep reminding me of you and I can't. Your face, your smile, your laugh. This is not living- it's only existing. It sucks.

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God help me through this month of hell because I dont want to be a cutter again

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i'm gay

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I'm with my best friend. She rocks. (:

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I take how I know that deep inside we won't end up together.

I'm so scared.

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I feel like a jerk because I get pangs of not wanting you because you dont want kids.