emotion dump - about us

the lowdown

Emotion Dump is a service of Bzoink LLC. The idea was first brainstormed in the summer of 2003 while cruising LiveJournal where a journal had an entry requesting readers to anonymously confess their deepest darkest secret. A day was invested in thinking up a name for an entire site like this but nothing catchy came up. So the idea was dismissed for the time being. It wasn't until the EXACT same idea appeared on Group Hug that things got rolling again.

Group Hug doesn't offer any hope for humanity though. All confessions and no love. Most of them are pretty sick confessions, which hey, truth is truth. However, there's some great parts of humanity too. So that's where Emotion Dump adds some flavor. We mix the confessions and the hope. And we hope that what you find can help you grow as a person.

Just a week before Emotion Dump launched Andrew's sister was telling him about how some new mothers feel like they don't care about their newborn at all and they wouldn't even care if the baby went away. Most of those mothers think that makes them a terrible person and keep it to themselves, but in reality that's fairly common! So, spread your emotion, spread your feelings, help someone feel a little less alone.